Full Circle 05-29-2020 Antiwar Memorial Day show

Full Circle KPFA · Full Circle 05 – 29 – 2020 Antiwar Memorial Day

Good evening everyone… and welcome to Full Circle your Cultural Affairs Radio Magazine produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program… Broadcasting from right here at kpfa in Huichin- occupied Ohlone territory aka … Berkeley. And tonight Full Circle honors Memorial Day. But of course this is kpfa so this will be the Antiwar Memorial Day.  Why, you may ask? Because I feel..  The best way to honor the dead is to end all war.. So… On tonight’s show we will honor Veterans of the Armed Forces and we will also honor  kpfa veterans that we’ve lost, who spent time on the air in the fight for Peace. We’ll also hear from a young woman who served in Iraq as she shares her thoughts about Memorial Day. All that and some anti war music .That’s tonight on Full Circle.. I am your host Freewillin Franklin keep it locked right here to kpfa..


Click here to see the video to the song “Remember My Forgotten Man”

Here you can follow About Face Veterans Against The War on Facebook Or visit About Face on their website

Click here To follow Emily Yates on Facebook And if you want to see here video to the song Yellow Ribbon click here. Also follow her on her YouTube Channel. If you would like to check out Emily Yates Podcast “What The Folk” click on this link.

Click on this link for Veterans For Peace. Try this link for their Facebook page

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