Full Circle 05-01-2020 May Day Essential Workers

Full Circle KPFA · Full Circle 05 – 01 – 2020 May Day Essential Workers

Good evening everyone… and welcome to Full Circle your Cultural Affairs Radio Magazine produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship program… Broadcasting from right here at kpfa in Huichin- occupied Ohlone territory aka … Berkeley. Today was May Day.. All around the globe people spent the day honoring International Workers Day. And tonight we will do the same

 On tonight’s show we find out about different kinds of essential workers and what they do,  maybe you are more essential than you think. We will speak with  Dr. Stephanie Rogers from right here in the bay area working out of  UCSF about our elders in care facilities and the pro’s and con’s of bringing them home during the Covid 19 crisis. Then we will get an update from ECHO Housing on the different ways municipalities are working to protect their residents from losing their housing during this crisis. Later we learn about immigrant workers, documented or not, they are in many of the essential worker jobs. Are we taking care of them as they help take care of America? Find out when we speak with Pablo Alvardo of the National Day Laborer Organizing Network.

All that and some May Day music coming up tonight on Full Circle… I am your host Freewillin Franklin…


For help with housing or tenant landlord rights follow the links below:

Echo Housing, The Eden Council of Hope and Opportunity

For tenants rights, contact Tenants Together

For help with legal aid contact, Bay Area Legal Aid

Visit the Contra Costa County website and view the “Urgency Ordinance” 

View the Antioch Urgency Ordinance

For help with your elders, follow the links below:

To learn more about the Institute On Aging, please visit their website

To talk to someone on the “Friendship Line” call 1-800-971-0016

For Help as or with a caregiver, Contact The Family Caregiver Alliance

To learn more about The National Day Laborers Organizing Network and the work they do, Please visit their website.

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