Full Circle/Durags & Conversations W/ DATBOYMEDIA & David De La Gran 3/13

“Prejudicial or Preferential treatment of same-race people based solely on their color.” – Alice Walker, 1982

Welcome to Du Rags & Conversations: The Series, with Datboymedia, on Full Circle.

Tonight’s show was written, produced, and broadcast live from Huchin–occupied Ohlone territory and known to settlers as the Bay Area. This segment was produced by the one and only Datboymedia and Dav’id De La Gran!

Tonight, we’re continuing our conversation about Colorism. As you might recall, we had our first show back in November as an introduction to what Colorism really is. Now, we’re talking about how it affects our daily lives and how we can come up with solutions to fight against the inequities associated with Colorism. Also, special guest G.1.S & King Tahoe perform “Hold It Down” LIVE.


DATBOYMEDIA – IG: datboymediaproductions

David De La Gran – IG: dalegrandavid


Shanthi Sekeran (Author) – IG: Shanthi. Sekeran – shanthisekeran.com

Dominique M. (Poet) – IG: simplydominiqe

Musical Guest:

G.1.S – IG: thisizg1s

King Tahoe – IG: kingtahoe


Sound Engineer: Radio Shaq – IG: shaquillstewart

Mixer: Theodora A.

Videographer/Producer: Ephraim Colbert – IG: ephraim.colbert.rec


Station: 94.1 KPFA – IG: kpfaradio


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