Full Circle The Music of Kay 1-24-20

Good evening and welcome to Full Circle your cultural affairs radio magazine produced by members of the First Voice apprenticeship program. This show is written, produced and broadcasting live from Huchin – occupied Ohlone territory- that was colonized and known today as the Bay Area….

Tonight is a music show! A soundtrack of my life – if you will. I put together a collage of music from a variety of talented artists like Jill Scott and Lauryn Hill to Blue October, Deana Carter and Bobby Darin. My music catalog is a little eclectic and initially it was difficult narrowing down selections for tonight’s show – because I wanted to include every song that I ever connected with. But last night I finally brought out the chopping block and was wielding the axe with precision – because time was not on my side. Hopefully some of your favs made the cut or maybe you’ll hear a song that you haven’t heard in a while, or perhaps you’ll be introduced to something new…either way – hope you enjoy! stay tuned……

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