Full Circle 10-25-19 Indigenous People’s Day

On tonight’s show we’ll share sounds we recorded at the 27th annual Indigenous People’s
Day Pow Wow right here in Berkeley. We’ll hear John Kurl and Nanette Deetz who were involved in the city of Berkeley being the first city to ditch Columbus Day for Indigenous People’s Day. We’ll speak with Sacheen Littlefeather and Gilbert Blacksmith about how they judge the dancers moving to the heartbeat of the drum and the importance of educating youth. And Full Circle’s very own Frank Sterling will share how he just had a hand in creating a Native American festival and land acknowledgment in Avon Lake, Ohio.

All that and more on Full Circle. We are your hosts tonight, Freewillin Franklin and Chana Wilson.


For more info on the 40th annual UC Berkeley Pow Wow, checkout the UC Berkeley Campus Climate website

For more information on the upcoming Sunrise Gathering honoring Native American History to be held Thursday Nov. 28th. Visit the Alcatraz Tours website, where you can also get tickets.


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