Full Circle 6/21/19 Eduardo Galeano – “Mirrors”.

Welcome to Full Circle your cultural affairs radio magazine produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship Program. this show is written, produced and engineered in Huichin.occupied Ohlone territory aka the East Bay Area.On tonight’s show, we will delve into the histories of the people of this planet under the tyranny of imperial and colonial powers. we will be reciting short stories from one of my favorite authors, Eduardo Galeano. one of Latin America’s most distinguished writers he is renowned for his three- volume memory of fire; open veins of Latin America; soccer in sun and shadow; the book of embraces; walking words; upside down; and voices of time. also selected music which i believe encapsulates the struggles & triumphs of the wretched peoples of the world. all that tonight on Full Circle, I am your host… Aria Moshirian “Engelabi Hameche” which in my native tongue means revolutionary always!

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