Full Circle 6-7-19 SF Black Film Festival

Welcome to Full Circle, your cultural affairs radio magazine, produced by apprentices of the First Voice Media Action Program. On tonight’s show you will hear interviews and thoughts from “the creative folk” associated with the film industry.

In this first segment you will hear interviews with Kali O’ray O’ray & Atera Crossley from the San Francisco Black Film Festival, David Roach from the Oakland International Black Film Festival, and Michael D. Mccarthy “Belonging in the USA: The Story of Michael D. Mccarthy”

We will also hear San Francisco Black Film Festival film clips for the movies: Agwe, Skin, Lalo’s House, Belonging in the USA: “The Story of Michael D. Mccarthy, Guitar Man (Bay Area – Oakland), Teddy Pendegrass, Robeson Effect (Bay Area-San Francisco) And for tonight’s we’ll be playing musical selections that carry a beat for you to move your feet!!!

All of that tonight on Full Circle.

To find out more about the SF Black Film Festival, please visit their website:


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