Full Circle 4/26/2019 Our Economy is great…right?!

Tonight on Full Circle, join our host Sharon Peterson live from Huichin, occupied Ohlone Territory, also known to settlers as the East Bay area. Full Circle is your cultural affairs radio magazine, produced by members of the First Voice Apprenticeship program.

On tonight’s show, we aim our laser eye at our “great” economy … or … is it so great? We will discuss where we really are, how we got here, and have stayed here; and, most importantly how can we – non-violently – fight for change? During the show we’ll get a heads up on the upcoming May Day actions and the First Voice collaboration with Work Week Radio where we will be bringing you live reporting on May Day.



California Poor People’s Campaign (Facebook)

Poor People’s Campaign (national)

St. Mary’s Senior Center

To learn more about First Voice media’s May Day broadcast, check out our Facebook page Pacifica Radio May Day broadcast.

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