Full Circle 03-01-19 “Wilder Than Wild”


On tonight’s show we will discuss how wildfires pose a deadly threat to our forests and communities. Yet the increasing intensity and impact of these fires is- in part- The result of our misunderstanding of fire…The documentary “Wilder Than Wild” reveals how fire suppression and climate change have exposed our forests- and wild land-urban landscapes- to large, high intensity wildfires… and it explores strategies to mitigate the impact of these fires.  Tonight, we’ll hear excerpts from the film and speak with film producers Kevin White and Stephen Most.  All This Tonight On Full Circle.


Click here to learn more about the documentary film Wilder than Wild: Fire, Forests, and the Future

Learn more about producer and writer Stephen Most’s book Stories that Make the World: Reflections on Storytelling and the Art of the Documentary

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