Full Circle 7.13.18: Render Unto Caesar

Is money truly the root of all evil?  Or is there something that we, collectively, haven’t quite looked at yet?  Is there a way to look at money in a positive light?

Given that most of our lives are made possible dependent on our ability to earn and spend money, we’d like to take a look at the far reaching ramifications of its influence on our lives throughout the generations.

On tonight’s show:

  • We’ll explore the history of the value that we place on paper currency
  • We’ll contemplate the role of money in our lives and how far it’s influence reaches
  • We’ll examine other possibilities of how we can view money

All that tonight on Full Circle.


Pop-Up #Resistance Concert from Award-Winning Musicians, Emma’s Revolution with Lisa Gutkin of the Klezmatics.  Thursday July 26 – 7:30pm – Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists – 1924 Cedar Street (Accessible by BART & Bus lines).  Facebook link to Emma’s Revolution with Lisa Gutkin page for this action and more.

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