FC 6.29.18: People Helping People & Concord and the Navy


Tonight we bring you another episode of “People Helping People,” a show created and produced by First Voice Apprentice graduate, Freewillin Franklin.

On tonight’s show, we’ll …

  • Learn about “Facing Homelessness in Antioch,” a new non-profit organization dedicated to helping homeless communities in Antioch.
  • Also, we continue with our drumbeat coverage on the current immigrant detainee policy with an update on the proposed housing of 47,000 immigrants and possibly families at the Concord Naval Weapons Station.

All that … tonight on Full Circle.  (Scroll down for links!)



If you enjoyed our latest episode of People Helping People, and want to help out Nichole and her organization, please visit the Facing Homelessness in Antioch Facebook page.  Or the gofundme page where you can see a video of her in action.

Again … If you know of, or are part of, a non-profit organization and are interested in being featured on People Helping People … please send an email to getonphp@gmail.com or call (925) 848-9097 and leave a short message and contact information.

If you happen to be interested in the numbers of homeless people in Contra Costa County. Here is the link to the Contra Costa County “Point in Time Survey”.

If you know someone who is experiencing homelessness and is in need of assistance, please have them call 211.

For those that are looking for a “Families Belong Together” action near you, please visit the Families Belong Together Website.

Concerned in Concord?  Check out Concord Communities Alliance on Facebook!

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