Full Circle 03-16-18 San Patricio Battalion

On KPFA’s Full Circle, we discover the story of Irish immigrants who were induced to join the U.S.Army and were sent to the Republic of Texas to fight in the newly declared  Mexican American War of 1836. However, these newly arrived Irish Catholics soon reached the opinion that the U.S. Army was an invader of the lands of the people of Mexico.

Airing this show, we will hear about…

… The U.S.  government’s pretext to march south from the negotiated border of Texas to seize further land all the way down to the Rio Grande.

… The use of freshly arrived European conscripts to build the ranks of the newly professionalized U.S. military.

… The discrimination and harm done to the large wave  of arriving Catholic immigrants as well as the Catholics of Mexico and the Caribbean.

… And much much music both Gaelic and Spanish, Corredos and piper bands,  inspired by the actions of the San Patricios Battalion.

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