Full Circle 1.12.18: Native Americans Making A Difference

Tonight we honor the work of Native Americans and their allies, who dedicate their time and energy to raising awareness of the struggles and needs of their communities.

On tonight’s show, we …

Hear from prayerful Black Friday protesters at the Emeryville Shellmound, a.k.a. The Bay Street Mall.

We’ll also hear one woman’s story about her battle against meth and addiction on her reservation and within her own family.

Finally we’ll hear from Native Artists in Action – hip hop and rap artists as well as community educators.

All that tonight on Full Circle.



MLK Day Prayer at the West Berkeley Shellmound


For more information about Mothers Against Meth Alliance visit their website also visit their Facebook page

For more info on Native Artists in Action, check out their website

To see the music video for the song “Angel” check out the Facebook page of K.Benally and LetsJusB

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