WOWA (West Oakland To West Africa) Poetry Show

On this program, we will explore poetry with WOWA (West Oakland to West Africa) poetry exchange group. This poetry group consists of some extraordinary poets in West Oakland as well as some of their phenomenal poet partners in West Africa. Guests include:

Makeda aka Sandra Hooper Mayfield…poet, journalist, tutor, counselor, and community activist.

Mimi Gonzalez…poet, freelance journalist, comedian, activist, and event producer.

Sara Biel…poet, visual artist, and social worker.

Wanda Sabir…journalist, activist, teacher, and poet

Dr. Marcus Lorenzo Penn…holistic doctor, photographic artist, yoga teacher, wellness consultant, coach, and facilitator, poet, author, and speaker.

Tyrice Deane-Brown…MFA student receiving her degree in creative writing and poetry. Tyrice is calling in from Virginia tonight.

Radhiyah (Rashiddah) Ayobami…Brooklyn born with southern roots. She holds a B.A. in Africana studies and a MFA in prose. Radhiyah (Rashiddah) is calling in from New York tonight.

Kojo Benedict Quaye aka Yibor Kojo calling in from Germany

And Etchian Jean Frederic Obeli aka Obi

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